Tree Climbers Test

by Ellen Fischkelta
(Ocala, Florida, USA)

My sister and I liked to climb trees, while we were young. And probably like most kids (which I hope is true) often did it barefoot.
There was this certain tree we liked to climb but it was right on the other side of a chain linked fence.

Climbing tree’s barefoot was really not problem, but getting to this certain tree was difficult barefoot because of that darn fence. And the fence did hurt our feet.

One day while we were nosing around our mother bathroom, where we not usually allowed to go into, we found these really cool “feet covers” (not shoes). They were very handy because they had a sticky back and would stick right to our feet and cushion our climb over the fence onto the tree.

We did test this out and it worked perfect, just as we thought. They were definitely made to climb over those hard chain linked fences.
Now this is the part I really don’t remember, if Mom clued us in on what they were actually, (which I’m sure you’ve figured out already.
But, I’m thinking I must have just figured it out as I got older. To my dismay, I giggle every time I think about climbing that fence and then our favorite tree with Maxi Pads stuck to our feet.
And then I have to wonder, why didn’t we just put on shoes?

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