The Job Interview from Heck

by Greta's Friend

Greta was happy because it looked like she would be early for her job interview. She was proud of herself as she had taken time to curl her hair and was wearing a nice suit. She knew that she looked good.

As she drove into the parking lot. She was happy with herself and with the world. It was going to be a good job interview. She was sure of it.

She drove into the Union Bank Square parking lot which was surrounded by three high rise buildings. And everything changed... All of a sudden, her accelerator pedal stuck and she found herself zooming forward. She steered her car away from vehicles and into the bushes. She flattened shrubs and still she zoomed forwards out of control.

She was afraid. She wondered if she would ever be able to stop the car. Finally, she hit a low retaining wall. She looked at herself, found that she was okay and said, "Thank God I have stopped. Nothing more can happen."

Just then, something did happen. A geyser of water shot straight up as she had hit the backflow device of the sprinkler system. The geyser was higher than it would have been had she hit a fire hydrant. She looked at it in disbelief.

As she sat in the car she just happened to look up to see lots of faces pushed up against the windows of the high rise building looking down at her. She felt like she was trapped in an I Love Lucy re-run and thought that people should be out there selling lemonade and cotton candy as it was clear that she had provided the employees above with a much needed break from their work.

She knew that if she got out of her car she would get wet as there was no way to get out without going through the torrent of water.

Someone from the company where she was going to work came down to investigate and to see if she was okay. She told him that she was going to be late for her job interview.

The police arrived. She had to go in and out of the car twice to get insurance information and to take things out of the trunk, etc. She got soaked.

She saw her crunched car taken away with branches decorating it and with water droplets covering it. The car was totaled. She put her belongings on the sidewalk, a beach chair, a Thomas Guide, an umbrella, a coat, a towel, etc.

She then went up for her interview sopping wet, hair now straight and wet instead of curly, feet squeaking on the floor as she walked.

She just wanted to go through the interview so she could call home as this was in the days before the cell phone. She greeted her interviewers, a panel of five people.

She asked if she could sit in a vinyl chair as she was so wet that she knew that she would leave a mark in the cloth chair that they offered to her.

She interviewed, and then asked to use the phone. She never thought that she would get the job and actually was hoping that she would not as she really did not want to go there again... But, she got a call the same day telling her that she got the job!

She worked there for 11 years. And she never ceased telling about the job interview from heck... The time she hit those shrubs and went through a geyser just to get her job.

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