The Day I Met Her Parents

by Jesus Rizo

I thought I was gonna die, so I ran.

I thought I was gonna die, so I ran.

I knew this girl awhile back. We were both 15 and getting pretty close. One day she invites me to a family dinner she was having. It was great as I got along with everyone. Me and her were talking alone on the side of the room, and she has to go to the bathroom.

I waited for her in the hallway close to the bathroom. I soon realized it wasn't such a great idea, when like a punch from Mike Tyson the stench hits me.

I tried to get away from the hallway and step into the living room to get a bit of air,but her dad starts talking to me right there, so all I could do is cover my nose and wait. As were talking for a minute or so, she comes out and I swear the stench was so bad I gagged.

At that point she with her whole family were looking at me because it was obvious I was reacting that way about her. Now I honestly thought I was gonna vomit so I thought I did the right thing, by running away and screaming that I didn't wanna die.

I did manage to survive and get home, but for some reason she didn't wanna talk to me again.

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