Sore Throat Remedies

A sore throat makes you feel like this dragon

Sore Throat Remedies.

Colds and flu with their coughs and ear aches are miserable enough without adding the raw, irritated, scratching and burning of a sore throat.

Most are bacterial infections, but they could also be a streptococcus, or "strep" infection, in which case you will need to see your doctor.

Either way, they are both contageous and extremely uncomfortable. And luckily for us - there are some amazing things we can do at home to take care of these ourselves.

Slippery Elm Bark.

Our favorite of all sore throat remedies is miracle Slippery Elm balls. Slippery Elm is a demulcent, which when wet, becomes slippery and mucilaginous, so it moistens and sooths the mucous membrains of the throat. This can bring instant relief.

Slippery elm balls for sore throats

This herb has been amazing as a sore throat healer for our family. Purchased as powder and made into small edible balls by mixing it with honey makes it easy to use and pretty good to eat.

(If you are giving these to children under two years of age don't use honey. You could substitute pure maple syrup as a sweetener.)

When the sore throat hits, as long as it isn't strep, all you have to do is eat one (or two) balls. Often that is enough, especially for kids but even for the toughest of adults. You can have one every hour if needed.

These babies will stop a sore throat in its tracks. You'll see why it is one of our favorite sore throat remedies.

Just put some slippery elm power in a bowl and add a little honey to it. Stir. Make it a consistency of pie dough that can be rolled into a ball. Roll it into small, dime sized balls. Roll these in more slippery elm to make them less sticky, and for more healing goodness.

You can also roll them in elderberry powder or cinnamon, which is also antifungal and antibacterial, or some of each. Other things you could roll them in are unsweetened chocolate powder, ground rose powder, or even chili powder if you like that taste.

(These slippery elm balls are waiting to be rolled in cinnamon, elderberry powder, and sage powder.)

You can also make balls of elderberry powder and roll them in slippery elm powder, or mix the two powders together.

Add some powdered sage, the kind that is in your spice cabinet, as it is antimicrobial and astringent, reducing inflammation in the throat and closing out further infection as well.

Also a little powdered licorice root is good. It is very sweet and a little goes a long way.

You then have instant sore throat relief! 

If kids start rebelling and not wanting to eat them, you can dress them up with some mini chocolate chips, coconut or finely chopped up dried fruit.

These sore throat remedies can be placed in a container, even a recycled throat lozenge container or breath mint container, so you can take them with you.


Is also great. The demulcent properties of Licorice root soothes a sore throat while, at the same time, reduces pain causing inflammation. It also stimulates the immune system and increases the production of interferon (an antiviral substance) to help us get over this crud.

It is also an expectorant which encourages the loosening and expulsion of phlegm from the lower respiratory tract.

Licorice is 50 percent sweeter than sugar so it is nice to add to other more bitter herbs. Add some powdered licorice root to your slippery elm balls or elderberry balls to add extra healing power.

DO NOT use licorice if you are prone to having high blood pressure or water retention, are pregnant or nursing or have diabetes.


Another herb used in sore throat remedies with a history of healing is sage. It is good for so many things, among them is sore throat relief. Of course, a simple and easy way to add this to your sore throat remedies is to add some sage powder to your slippery elm balls, or roll your slippery elm balls in them. It is pleasant to the taste.

Sage Tea

Sage tea is another of the great sore throat remedies. Make a cup of sage tea by pour a cup of boiling water over 1 tablespoon of crumbled sage leaf. Let it steep for 30 minutes, strain and add honey to taste.

Throat Spray

You can also make a throat spray or a gargle:

Bringing 1 cup of water to a boil as a sore
Pour it over 1 Tablespoon of sage leaves
Allow to infuse for 15 minutes

Use it as is, or add some honey when it cools. Gargle and swallow.

Or if you want a stronger sore throat remedy add:

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (have I told you about apple cider vinegar's amazing healing abilities?)
A couple pinches of salt
Even a pinch of cayenne (optional)

Gargle, and swallow if you want to. This also works well with laryngitis and tonsillitis.

Apple Cider Vinegar.

In an old book I found at a garage sale, J.D. Jarvis, MD, gave many herbal folk remedies. Among these were sore throat remedies using apple cider vinegar. Vinegar has been used for a very long time as a remedy for sore throats, coughs, and other issues of the lungs.

If you don't want to mix up the recipe above, you can always just dilute a teaspoon or two in a glass of water and gargle with it, then swallow. Use the organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar for best results.

Hopefully you are going to enjoy these sore throat remedies as much as my family has, especially the slippery elm balls. I hope they work wonderfully.

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