Old Friend Visits

by Cathy Schulte
(Quinlan, TX)

The other day an old friend I have not seen in forever called and said she would be in town - did I want to meet her at McDonalds. I said sure, but then thought why not have them come visit at the house. Well, of course, that meant we had to clean up but I thought, no prob, it is not that dirty. NOT!

We cleaned all day. I no sooner got one thing done - then found another. Went to the store twice and scrubbed till I could hardly move. But we did it! Dog smells, cat hair and kids stuff all cleaned up.

So we are ready. Making spaghetti; the sauce is cooking. All the kids need to do is add noodles to the water when I go meet my friends to show them the way to our house. This takes about ten minutes.

I drive up and hear the fire alarms, no big deal they go off almost every time we cook. Go to front door and open it, smoke coming out the door. I reach to turn on the porch light - it blows. I look up - my daughter Diana is standing in a chair waving something in front of the smoke alarm. My other daughter, Julie is dumping the half burnt noodles - the cats and dogs are running through the house trying to hide from the alarm.

My friends are holding the door open trying to let some smoke out. Okay, we get in the house, the alarm is off - kids are talking and we sit down to eat. Then one of the girls says, "where is Calie Cat?" Calie the only cat still not fixed who wants babies.

I am going into a panic. Find the cat. Kids run to get a flash light. The batteries are dead,it work yesterday but not today. My friend said she had one in their car.

Okay, kids all outside looking for cat. We are eating and another cat jumps on the table, a dog comes out and sets in a chair wanting to have some spaghetti. We chase them off and another cat comes to visit. Two more dogs come for their share. Ug, chase off all the pets except the cat looking down at us from the top of the hutch. Kids still outside looking for Calie.

We are talking and in mid sentence I scream "CALIE" as she jumps on the table. The kids hear me and run in with the doberman who comes and puts her paw and head in my friends lap. I hear "Oh what a pretty dog" in an oh-my- gosh like voice.

Cats come jump on the table again and the other dogs come back to see if we changed our minds about feeding them some of the half burnt spaghetti.

Next time my friend wants to meet at McDonalds I am going to say sure.

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