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The Namas Natural Remedies Blog is the mini-journal of my adventures exploring and learning natural remedies. It:

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How to Make a Suppository

A suppository is an effective way to treat painful hemorrhoids. Learn how easy it is to make your own.

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Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment also includes food, herbs and vitamins. Learn which ones help.

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Preventing and Treating
Swollen Glands

Those painful swollen glands we sometimes get can be prevented or helped by many natural methods.

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Swollen Glands"

5 Most Important Skin Vitamins and Where to Get Them Naturally

Eating food with important skin vitamins will not only make your skin beautiful, but will also make you healthy.

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There's Luck For You! (Paul Schmitt sequel 1)

Some people are dogged by misfortune. The Rome caper had been a disaster. How could he have guessed that this midget answering to the prestigious name

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The Great Breakaway

I was a seasoned pilot logging more than 8000 flying hours. I was waiting for the order to board my LANCASTER, cross the CHANNEL,then the FRENCH GERMAN

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Intelligent kid

A little girl walked up to an intelligent little guy and said- Girl: What is life? Boy: Life is love. Girl: What is love? Boy: Love is kiss. Girl:

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Arteries and Veins

Arteries and veins are both part of the circulatory system but each have very different purposes.

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Old Friend Visits

The other day an old friend I have not seen in forever called and said she would be in town - did I want to meet her at McDonalds. I said sure, but then

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