Letter to my daughter

by Shelly
(A Cajun Town in Louisiana)

*Not exactly funny, but very tender and a beautiful tribute to motherhood.*

Dear my baby girl who is about to be a Mommy,

I cannot put into words the amount of pride and happiness that I hold in my heart for you. It is wonderful to see that you finally "get" all the reasons you thought I was ruining you life when you were younger, and now know that I was only doing it because I loved you and cared about your safety and future.  Please take comfort in knowing that your baby will also "get" it one day while she grows with your love and guidance helping her thru life. 

The best advise I can give you to get thru the rough times like: fighting to keep her in a car seat, never wanting to sleep when you do, throwing a dozen eggs on the floor right when you finish waxing it, crying, complaining, pouting, talking back to you, slamming doors, always trying to have the last word, going over the minutes on her cell and having a bill that takes your whole paycheck, and having to eat crappy snacks because she raided the kitchen in the middle of the night and that is all that is left...... I could go on forever...... 

Just remember she will understand one day why you do what you do, you get to tell her "I told you so!", and the knowledge that you will get to sit back and watch her go thru what she put you thru while raising her. Yes, the mother curse is real!  Knowing this is what got me thru some of the worst days of motherhood. IT'S GOING TO BE OK!!!!!

One day you will be rewarded when she comes to you as a beautiful young woman and tells you she finally "gets" why you were so mean, strict, and did off the wall things to make sure she was safe, and behaving.....because she never knew what crazy thing you were going to do next if she doesn't.  She understands all the sneaky things you had to do to make sure she was where she was supposed to be and not doing things she wasn't supposed to do. 

I have always loved you no matter what. That will NEVER change. Please remember this when you hear me giggle while watching her do things you did when you were younger and telling her stories of your youth. I promise I will be there with arms wrapped around you and dry your tears when you beg me to take back the curse and I say no. Don't view it as me being mean, it is a learning experience, to make you stronger as your life moves forward. You WILL understand this one day...... You can do this! I believe in you!

Lastly thank you for loving me. I can't tell you how much that means to me. I love you blue eyed baby girl, and I am proud that you are my daughter. 

Love, Mommy

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