How to Massage
the Face and Head

How to massage the face and head

Learning how to massage is a relatively simple feat. This page shows you how a massage of the face and head is done using facial acupressure points.

A full body massage certainly can relieve tension and stress and work miracles, but sometimes you don't have time for a full body massage. So on the days that you just really need some relaxation, opt for a good old-fashioned, stress reducing, face and head massage.

If you have never tried it before you will learn how great taking this little bit of time can make you feel. If you have tried it before, you already know the power of this massage.

Here are four great reasons you need one.

  1. It brings fast relief from stress and tension, reduces headaches and eyestrain, gives you renewed energy and improved concentration, relieves depression and gives you an immediate feeling of well being. (That's way more than one reason!)
  2. Massaging increases blood circulation and brings oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin. This helps remove toxins. This can keep you looking younger. (That is also more than one reason!)
  3. You can get all this in just a few minutes - even on your break at work, under a tree at Disneyland, or at home in the evening.
  4. You don't need to use oils or lotion so you won't mess up your hair or makeup.

You can't really give yourself a face and head massage - although stimulating the acupressure points yourself for a little self-massage definitely works well.

By learning how to massage, you can help a friend, then you can guide them through the steps to help you.

Learning how to massage with acupressure points is an age old art. Several of the body's twelve meridians - as well as the acupressure points on those meridians, run up the neck and over the face.

These points can be stimulated in a variety of ways. The main ways of stimulating these points on the face and head are:

  • Gentle tapping.
  • Small circular movements. These circular motions can be in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.
  • Your thumbs can also be used to apply firm pressure. Your face isn't as fragile as you might think.

If you have time you can massage the acupressure points for up to one minute, but 5 to 10 seconds on each point will work well.

While doing a face and head massage, keep the pressure gentle enough to relax the person, but also firm enough to unblock the energy.

Follow these seven easy steps for a beautiful massage.

  1. Shampoo Motion. Run the hands through the hair brushing the scalp. Then massage the scalp with the flat part of your fingers the way you do when you shampoo your hair, using circular motions. Cover your entire head two times.

  2. Pull Hair Motion. With your knuckles resting on the head, take one section of hair at a time, and gently tug it, then release. Repeat over the entire head. If this step is uncomfortable to tender-heads just skip it.

  3. Head and Temples. As you learn how to massage the face and head properly, you will be stimulating over two dozen acupressure points on your face and head. To start this, overlap the thumbs at the middle of the forehead while holding the head steady with your fingers.

    Place your fingers on the temples. Press and release with your thumbs as you press five points at 1-inch intervals from the forehead to the crown of the head.

    Massage Temples

    Next, with your fingers on the temples, rotate your fingers in a counter-clockwise circular motion, being careful not to press hard. Continue this motion across the entire forehead and back.

    Massage Cheek Bones

    Move down the side of the face,this time use a small clockwise circular motion, following the cheek bone. Use circular pressure on the points under the cheek bones which are directly under the pupil.

    Massage Jaw

    Continue down the side of the face to the jaw - spending time on the hinge of the jaw which is just below the ear. Complete the massage around the entire jaw on the underside of the chin.

  4. Ears. Using the thumb and forefinger begin at the lobe of the ear and massage all the way up. Cover the whole ear twice. The ears, like the feet and the hands, have acupressure points that affect the whole body. Massaging and stimulating the ears is good for you.

  5. Eyes. You have pressure points just above the inner corner of your eye, next to your nose. Press those for 5 to 10 seconds.

    Pinch Eyebrows

    Using your thumb and forefinger pinch the entire length of your eyebrow, pausing a moment to put gentle pressure on the points at the inside dimple of the eyebrow.

    Massage Outer Eye

    Now going to the outside of the eyebrow press the points at the end of the bony ridge of each eyebrow.

  6. Massage Nose Pressure Points

  7. Nose and Mouth. There are pressure points beside the lower edge of the nostrils. With the ends of your thumbs press these points. Push upward using pressure rather than the circle motion.

    Massage Chin

    Now place your hand around the chin and with the other thumb press the point in the center of the chin. Use a clockwise circular motion to do this.

    Massage Upper Lip

    There is also a point in the center of the upper lip. The massage of this area releases emotional tension that can build up around your mouth. Use one finger to stimulate this point in a clockwise circular motion.

  8. Massage Head Pull

  9. Neck Roll. Now to finish up, hold the head between both hands, lift slightly and gently turn the head toward one shoulder. Hold it there for a second, then release it. Repeat to the other side. Return the head to the center position, pull upward gently stretching the neck.

    Massage Neck

    Now use a circular motion to massage the occipital hollows at the base of the neck with the fingers of both hands.

And you are finished. You now know how to massage! You should feel amazing. As we build up tension and excess energy in our face and head, a massage of that area can be the most soothing part of any massage.

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