Varicose Veins and
Hemorrhoids Herbal Treatment

Varicose Veins and Hemorrhoids Herbal Treatments

Dealing with Pain.

Varicose veins and hemorrhoids herbal treatments are an effective and easy way to take care of our own venal problems at home. 

Interestingly, varicose veins and hemorrhoids have much in common.  Hemorrhoids are just a variation of varicose veins!

On this page we will list foods and herbs and vitamins that will help reduce and strengthen and repair the vein walls. We will also include some recipes.


Many herbs help to improve varicose veins.

- Many contain bioflavonoids, particularly the bioflavonoid rutin, which help maintain the integrity and strength of the vein walls. Some of these include:

  • buckwheat 
  • rue
  • violets and pansies
  • hawthorn
  • lemon peel.

-Some contain tannins and are astringent. They help to shrink swollen tissue and to tighten and tone the veins. These include:

  • yarrow 
  • horsetail
  • shepherd's purse
  • mullein
  • yerba mansa
  • alum
  • rose family
  • blackberry
  • red raspberry
  • witch hazel herb 
  • golden seal
  • uva ursi
  • sage

-There are also herbs which increase circulation, thus helping move out stagnant blood. A few of these are:

  • cayenne
  • ginger
  • angelica
  • juniper

However, keep in mind that putting this type of definition on an herb being used for varicose veins and hemorrhoids herbal treatment, greatly over-simplifies the abilities of that herb.

Whole Herb.

Keep in mind that using a whole herbs gives you an enormous range of health benefits. One herb might strengthen and repair vein walls, at the same time nourishing the liver and even strengthening the immune system.

Side Effects.

Just as conventional medicine has side effects, so do herbs. The difference is that the side effects of herbs are almost always positive rather than negative. The benefit of using herbs greatly outweighs the one effect you are hoping for. Herbs are amazing.

Let's now proceed to more varicose veins and hemorrhoids herbal treatment, as well as other ways of dealing with these problems.


The healthy return of blood to the heart through the vein is aided by deep breathing as well as by muscular contractions. As you breathe in, blood is effectively sucked into your chest. So if you suffer from varicose veins, you should practice deep, abdominal breathing.


Compresses and poultices are great varicose veins and hemorrhoids herbal treatment that help the herbs absorb directly into the skin. Though they take a little more work than just plugging in a heating pad, they give you much greater results and the extra effort is well worth it. Here's how.

  1. Heat a pot of hot water to boiling.
  2. Take it off the heat and add herbs, usually 1 oz. of herbs to 4 cups of water, and allow to infuse 15 minutes.
  3. Strain it, being careful not to burn yourself.
  4. Soak a piece of linen, gauze, or cotton in the infusion.
  5. Apply it as hot as possible without burning yourself. You are applying this compress in a tender spot so be careful.
  6. Change it when it has cooled.

A poultice is made the same way but includes the herbs that have been steeped. If the compress is used cold place the infusion in the refrigerator until cold. Adding ice dilutes it. Most compresses and poultices for varicose veins and hemorrhoids herbal treatment are cold.

Herbs that work well as compresses and poultices include:

  • Arnica - helps to relieve the pain. Use externally as a cold compress.
  • Calendula - soothing and healing. Use externally as a cold compress.
  • Comfrey - promotes new cell growth and controls bleeding. A great overall healer. Combine with St. Johns wort for a very healing compress.
  • Green Clay - Rosemary Gladstar suggests using green clay mixed with water or witch hazel extract to make a paste. Apply it directly to the hemorrhoids. Leave it on until completely dry. To remove the clay poultice, soak in the tub or take a shower. 
  • Rue - rich in rutin. Can be used externally as a cold compress applied to the affected veins (discontinue if a rash appears).
  • St. John's wort - can be used externally as a cold poultice for hemorrhoids. Combines well with comfrey. Use cold water to make a paste with these herbs, wrap them in linen or muslin and apply directly to hemorrhoids. Sit in a comfortable chair and relax, read a book or watch TV.
  • Witch hazel - this is the herb, not the clear liquid you purchase at the pharmacy. It is an astringent and high in tannins. Used in varicose veins and hemorrhoids herbal treatment it helps shrink the veins and relieve pressure. Purchase witch hazel herb from a reputable herb supplier and make an decoction. After cooling it, freeze it in ice trays. When frozen, wrap the ice cubes in cloth, crush them and put them on the aching veins.

Side Note. When placing varicose veins and hemorrhoids herbal treatments on yourself, it is a good idea to cover the chair you will be sitting on or couch you recline on, with a waterproof mattress pad or plastic sheet!

Single herbs are very effective, but you can put the herbs together to increase healing actions. An effective poultice for veins made from an herbal blend follows:

Vitamin C Poultice

1 part calendula
1 part comfrey
1 part yarrow
5,000 I.U. vitamin C
Witch hazel extract, not the herb

Chop herbs, mix in vitamin C. Add enough witch hazel extract (the kind you buy in a bottle) to make a thick paste. Apply directly to the varicose veins or, because the herbs fall off for me, I wrap them in a muslin cloth and place over the veins. Leave on for 30 to 45 minutes.

Side Note:  If you have, or purchase dried herbs,  combine the first four ingredients in a large bowl and mix well.  Transfer to an airtight container and store in a cool dry place. 

When your legs are really aching it only takes a minute to add the Witch Hazel extract from the drug store to a thick paste consistency, spread paste on a cloth, and place it on your veins.  Sweet Relief!

Essential Oils

Some of the Essential Oils that work very well with varicose veins and hemorrhoids herbal treatment are:

  • cypress
  • juniper
  • lavender
  • lemon
  • and marjoram

Important!   Before massaging your varicose veins with these essential oils be sure to dilute them. If you don't you could burn your skin. You do this by adding a few drops of essential oil or oils to a couple of tablespoons of any vegetable oil, or learn more by visiting our page on homemade massage oil. The fragrant, healing essential oil is then ready to use on your veins.

Side Note. Be sure to stroke the legs toward the heart so as to aid in the work of returning the blood to the heart.



Foods have been mentioned often but are also an important part of varicose veins and hemorrhoids herbal treatment. A healthy diet is required to have healthy veins. Emphasis on whole grains, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruits should be made.

All condiments, alcoholic drinks, coffee, strong tea, white flour products, bakery items made with white flour, and white sugar, or white rice, should be completely avoided.

Note. If you smoke - stop. Nicotine acts as a constrictor to the arteries, reducing blood flow, while the carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood!

A few foods that we might not think of include:

  • Lemon. Lemon peel contains rutin and other compounds that strengthens blood vessels. Purchase the dried lemon peel powder or dry your own. This can be mixed with the herbal infusion for a delightful lemony taste, or add a slice of lemon to your water or herbal tea.
  • Onion. Contains a compound called quercetin which strengthens capillaries and helps maintain elasticity in the veins. (Other foods in the allium family have the same properties. These include garlic, chives, and leeks.) These foods can be used during pregnancy to help prevent varicose veins.
  • Pineapple. Fresh pineapple contains Bromelain, an enzyme. It helps with many heart and circulatory conditions. Besides eating pineapple, you can also purchase a supplement.
  • Violet flowers contain generous amounts of rutin, which helps maintain the strength and integrity of capillary walls. They are safe to eat and can be added to salads - not only vein strengthening but very pretty. Pansies also contain significant amounts of rutin.
  • Raw vegetable juices, especially carrot juice and spinach juice are beneficial for varicose veins.

Our page is long enough - let's move to another page for more information on herbs, food and vitamins that will help. Be sure to visit "Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment" to continue this discussion.

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