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Funny Short Stories

Speaking of funny short stories, here is one.

There we were sitting in a somber meeting, listening to the presenter going on and on about the merits of hard work.

Suddenly the presenter started talking about his own experiences with work. He said, "I am a working alcoholic," meaning, I'm sure, a work-a-holic.

A young man down the row caught the humor of the statement and began to laugh silently, shaking as tears rolled down his face. Soon the entire row was shaking.

There is nothing more fun than sharing funny stories with your family and friends. I recall many times laughing so hard that the bones on the back of my head hurt. What fun days. But can I recall the stories? Not many. That is why writing them down is priceless.

Telling your stories in story form adds a new dimension. Not only are you able to enjoy the story now, but you can enjoy it for many years to come. Sharing your stories with people around the world, all laughing together, can be very rewarding.

This is how it works:

  • Your story will be placed on its very own webpage on our website with a clickable link from the main submission page.
  • You can tell friends and family to visit your page and rank your story. Others reading the story will do the same.
  • It's easy to do - easy to follow instructions included.
  • You can upload photos* to go along with your story.
  • Sharing your story is FREE.
  • It will be available to you and visitors to this site for years to come.
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Do You Have
The World's Funniest Story?

We have all laughed out loud when something spontaneous happened.
We all have something that makes us smile everytime we think about it. What funny short stories bring a twinkle to your eyes?

Please submit only "G rated" stories for our family friendly site. Thanks.

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Bogey and the Blonde 
As I aged, I decided to take the advice of making my hair lighter. At the beauty shop I sensed something was wrong and the stylist said that maybe I could …

Pain in the Rear! 
Okay! I have never actually written this story down. To me it is not funny. So why am I going to share it with you? Simply because every time SOMEONE …

Sniper on the Overpass 
This is truly the funniest story! My fabulous sister-in-law and Mother-in-law were driving down the freeway when my mother-in-law spotted a man on the …

Two-for-One Deer 
This - really this - is the world's funniest story. My Dad always loved to go hunting. Sometimes he would bring back a trophy rack, sometimes …

Laughing at Myself: Goodbye to My Pinstriped Suit, My Italian Shoes, My Silk Tie, My Office, My Career, My Dignity and Even My Name and Hello to the Funny Side! 
Two years ago I lost my job as a financial executive, and it has been a difficult time for me and my family, as it has been - and is - for millions of …

The Visitor 
Living in Hawaii has obvious benefits and some not so obvious disadvantages to those who spend only a few days or even weeks here in paradise. One …

I love horsey rides!!! 
Every time I see a coin operated horse at a mall, store, boardwalk, arcade, etc, I HAVE to ride it. BTW I'm 19! haha.

Intelligent kid Not rated yet
A little girl walked up to an intelligent little guy and said- Girl: What is life? Boy: Life is love. Girl: What is love? Boy: Love is kiss. …

The Great Breakaway Not rated yet
I was a seasoned pilot logging more than 8000 flying hours. I was waiting for the order to board my LANCASTER, cross the CHANNEL,then the FRENCH GERMAN …

There's Luck For You! (Paul Schmitt sequel 1) Not rated yet
Some people are dogged by misfortune. The Rome caper had been a disaster. How could he have guessed that this midget answering to the prestigious name …

Old Friend Visits Not rated yet
The other day an old friend I have not seen in forever called and said she would be in town - did I want to meet her at McDonalds. I said sure, but then …

paul SCHMITT Not rated yet
Not far from the scottish border,nestled in a narrow valley,was one of the most modern factories in the world. It was at the cutting edge of technological …

A true funny football story. Not rated yet
My football team was loosing 10-0. The referee said to my team, "If any of you can score a goal I will give you a pound". Within two minutes I scored a …

The Day I Met Her Parents Not rated yet
I knew this girl awhile back. We were both 15 and getting pretty close. One day she invites me to a family dinner she was having. It was great as I got …

Do Men Have No Shame? Not rated yet
My friend Marie and I were having dinner in a nice restaurant. The lights were dim. You know the kind, the dimmer the lighting, the higher the bill? …

Tree Climbers Test Not rated yet
My sister and I liked to climb trees, while we were young. And probably like most kids (which I hope is true) often did it barefoot. There was this certain …

Letter to my daughter  Not rated yet
*Not exactly funny, but very tender and a beautiful tribute to motherhood.* Dear my baby girl who is about to be a Mommy, I cannot put into words …

He Aint Jesus Not rated yet
Me and my two boys were walking out to the car one Sunday evening fixin to head to church. My oldest son, 7 years old, ran up to the car and tried to open …

Why, Xbox, Why? Not rated yet
I've had my Xbox 360 for a while now, and about a week before Black Ops came out my Xbox broke. I also had Black Ops pre-ordered, which made it all the …

The Job Interview from Heck Not rated yet
Greta was happy because it looked like she would be early for her job interview. She was proud of herself as she had taken time to curl her hair and was …

Canteloupe Meat Not rated yet
I was eating canteloupe with my family for breakfast. My oldest daughter said "Dad can I go canteloupe hunting with you, I love canteloupe meat". She …

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Share Your Very Own "World's Funniest Story" and see what other funny stories people around the world have to tell.

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Share Your Very Own "World's Funniest Story" and see what other funny stories people around the world have to tell.

Is your story funnier than mine?

Click here to make us laugh.


Share Your Very Own "World's Funniest Story" and see what other funny stories people around the world have to tell.

Is your story funnier than mine?

Click here to make us laugh.