What are the benefits of exercise? How do exercise and fitness go hand in hand?

We only need to look at the people all around us to see the value of exercise and fitness, or the lack thereof, in everyone's lives.

A sign I once read said, "No matter what your problem is exercise is part of the solution." That is really true. Regular daily exercise tailored to our needs and abilities along with a healthy lifestyle can make a huge difference in how we think, look, feel and live life.

Children Need Exercise and Fitness

To assess the importance of exercise and fitness in our lives we will divide people into three categories and take a quick look at each one.

  1. Young sedentary children at home.

    National opinion and statistics show that

    • obesity in children as well as
    • the number of early onset diabetes cases

    is rising at an alarming rate.

    These are just two of many issues that could be improved with a healthy lifestyle that includes daily exercise. Children need exercise and fitness, too.

  2. The Aging.

    As we age we become less and less active because we "just don't feel like it" or "our knees hurt" or "we are just too tired". This attitude of allowing ourselves to become sedentary result in rapid decline.

    Mary. Mary was in her senior years and becoming less and less active and more and more dependent on her family for everything.

    She reached a point where the family was strongly considering a rest home for her. In her fear of this happening, she began to do something about it.

    She began to exercise. Mary started moving joints that didn't want to move at all. She walked a lot and actually began to stretch and work out with weights daily.

    The weights initially were not any more than the weight of a soup can but the result was that her dependence upon her family decreased. Her body worked better and her mind was more alert.

    Most importantly, the family stopped talking about sending her to a rest home.

    Through exercise and fitness Mary had added more time to her life with greater meaning and happiness.

  3. College Years Up to Early Retirement Years.

    Everyone else will be lumped into this category. Generally work, school, hobbies and daily routines create some body movement but mostly in limited range of motion.

    Respiration and cardiovascular activity are rarely raised to levels that promote great health.

    If this inactivity is coupled with

    • poor nutritional support
    • stress
    • lack of exercise which includes a full range of motion and cardiovascular work

    the body will begin to lose it's ability to withstand the pressures of life.

    Soon the immune system will suffer and it will only be a matter of time before injury, disease, or some other phyiscal or mental problems will arise.

What are the common benefits of proper exercise and fitness at any age?

To maximize the benefits of exercise we would be wise to eliminate alcohol, tobacco, drugs or other harmful substances.

We also need to be eating a healthy diet and using herbal remedies,then:

  • All Systems of the Body improve in function, strength, stamina and longevity. That means that everything works better and the possibility of developing problems is minimized.
  • The Brain functions better. The mind gets clearer and thinking gets quicker. That equates to greater self confidence, greater self esteem, less depression and anxiety moods, and higher motivation to live life.

    The diversion of daily exercise and fitness coupled with the increased flow of blood to the brain provides the needed oxygen and other nutrients, enzymes, etc. It also removes many of the toxins and metabolites that are the result of brain activity.

  • The Heart is made stronger with increased stamina and the cardiovascular system of circulation is made more efficient so that it can provide many years of unobstructed flow. Both become more resistant to possible heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and circulatory failures as well.
  • The Musculoskeletal system becomes stronger and functions better to perform all aspects of our daily routines and activities. Fatigue becomes less of a problem. Range of motion without pain is optimized, fewer back aches are experienced, and one's confidence in being able to do things is much improved.
  • The Immune system is strengthened and with that the ability to avoid colds, flu and other problems increases. A healthy body means that everything is stronger including all the organs of the body. Chances of developing major issues with body organs is minimized.
  • The Respiratory system becomes stronger and can deliver needed oxygen to the body for all of it's functions and activities. Stamina increases and all the body parts get the proper balance of gaseous exchange it needs to perform optimally and to rid itself of things, such as colds, that decrease our ability to function and live healthy lives.
  • The Digestive Tract is enhanced. Digetive juices are adequately produced and both absorption and elimination of wastes are improved.
  • Excess Fat is decreased and with it all of the stresses associated with it. This will reduce encumbered circulation, stress on the joints and on the heart. Stress on other body tissues is also decreased and life is better and can exist in a healthy state for a longer period of time.
  • Stress. Stress is the physical and emotional response that the body develops to pressure from all of the everyday pressures that are put upon it. Exercise works miracles in reducing our stress levels.

The list could go on and on. Exercise is not the only important thing in having great health but it is definitely part of the answer.

Like a car, every spark plug is needed for all to function properly and to get the most out of the vehicle. If one spark plug fails, it affects the others and their ability to function is decreased.

Exercise is that important.

Initially, if you are like me, your body will rebel because of soreness and aching muscles. Even mentally it's sometimes tough. They say it takes twenty-one days to create a habit and if we persist we will not be disappointed. Health and happiness will top off all the other benefits.

Just think of all the medication we will never have to take. All we have to do is look at a physician's desk reference at any medication to discover that many have a full page of possible side effects to which we will not be exposed.

The idea is to work daily exercise into our routine and use as many other natural remedies, including herbal remedies, for health as we can. The bottom line is exercise and fitness will improve our quality of life.

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"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it. ~Plato"

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