Do Men Have No Shame?

by Sue Ellenburg
(Easley, S. C.)

My friend Marie and I were having dinner in a nice restaurant. The lights were dim. You know the kind, the dimmer the lighting, the higher the bill?

We both wear glasses, but take them on and off due to vanity. We put the glasses on to see the menu and then off again. We ate and then needed the glasses to see the bill.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that three men were being seated near us. I heard them say, "You ask her." "No, you ask her."

I had taken my glasses off, but for some reason Marie still had her little half glasses on.

I leaned in to Marie and asked if she could see the three men because I thought that they like us and are trying to get up enough nerve to ask for our phone number.

The bolder of the three came over. He asked, "Can we borrow your glasses, we left ours at home and we can't see the menu?" Do men have no shame? For petes sake, it is a sad day when all men want from you is to borrow your glasses.

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