More Core Strengthening Exercises

This page of core strengthening exercises works not only your core muscles but your extremities as well.

The first page of exercises emphasized your core along with the glutes, hamstrings and chest, while the second page worked your core including your abdominals, obliques, and low back.

We must remember that as with any exercise we need to be drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated.

This goes for core strengthening exercises as well as any other. Now, that said, let's move on.

Ice Skaters

This exercise will challenge the glutes specifically, as it strengthens the core and the legs.

Girl doing ice skaters as core strengthening exercises

Starting Position: Standing on one foot, knee slightly bent, and your body bent over. Begin by taking your left leg behind your right leg while your left arm swings in front of your right leg. Repeat on the other side.

The movement is a fluid movement from side to side, as if you were ice skating in the olympics. As you get warmed up, lower your body as much as you can, then lower it a little more and increase the distance of your foot movement until it is actually a hop.

Keep the action going while staying bent over in an athletic position. Keep your elevation low. Each hop is performed with control. The intent is to stabilize the body on one foot and keep your balance.

It should make your glutes burn. It is one of the hardest exercises you can do for your glutes.

One rep = hopping side to side. Do three sets of 15 reps.

Standing Lunge

This exercise strengthens the core while also strengthening the thighs.

Starting Position: Stand erect with your hands on your hips or by your side.

Movement: Drop one leg to 90 degrees. Be sure to keep your knee directly over your ankle. Do not let it shoot out over the front of your foot. Return to a standing position. Repeat with the other leg.

Do three sets of 10 to start out with, then work up.

To add more challenge to this core strengthening exercises hold your arms out in front of you, hands together, and while in kneeling position twist to one side, then back to the center. Stand up. Repeat on the other side.

Wall Extension

This exercise works your triceps, while stabilizing the core.

Girl doing wall extension exercise

Starting Position: Place your hands on the wall.

Movement: Take a step back and place your head between your arms. Slightly bend your knees.

From your hips to your hands should to be one straight line.

Lower your head right down between your elbows, then using your arms, move your body forward until your head touches the wall. Push your self back again using your arms.

Do this ten times. Keep your body, from your hips to your hands, still, and in a straight line.

The way to adjust the resistance and make it harder is to lower your hands on the wall and take a step back. The lower your hands are on the wall and the farther your feet are away from the wall, the harder it becomes.

Start out with three sets of ten, work up to twenty. Move your feet farther from the wall and lower your hands.

I hope you enjoy these core strengthening exercises. They work and they work fast. I know they will make a difference in the way you feel. Enjoy.

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