More Core Stability Exercises

As on the previous page, more core stability exercises that have been given to me by Matt, my body building son, will be shared with you.

The three exercises on this page strengthen and stabilize the abdominal core, which to me is the most inner part of the core. They also make me super sore. But that's good. I hope you enjoy.

Iso Abs or The Plank

This exercise will challenge the core all around the spine. It's going to challenge your stomach, your low back, and then strengthen up around your shoulder blades.

Iso Abs or the Plank

Starting Position: Get down into the push up position on an exercise mat.

Movement: Drop your elbows down on to the mat and exhale as you pull your belly button, as tight as you can, in towards your spine. Pick your waist up off the ground and hold your body still.

Be sure to keep your back slightly above straight throughout the entire exercise. This avoids excess pressure on the low back. Inhale as you slowly return back down to the starting position.

Hold the pose for at least 30 seconds. Do three sets. Work up to one minute. - It's a killer. Go on to two minutes if you really want to.

Iso Abs on the side

After you have mastered (or made it through) the previous greuling core stability exercises, get ready because here comes another one.

Turn on your side, again place your lower arm flat on the mat and rest on your elbow. Now exhale as you raise your hips so that your body is in a straight line. Hold for 30 seconds. Inhale as you slowly return to the starting position.

Work up to one to two minutes. Do this on both sides. Do three sets.

To make this core stability exercise even more difficult, do it again but this time lift your hips higher. Now lower your hips slightly, then lift again. Do this five or six times. Don't forget to breathe.

To make this exercise even more challenging try doing it on an exercise ball. Place your elbows and forearms on top of the ball.

Now put your feet straight out behind you about hip width apart.

Hold for 30 seconds to two minutes. Do three sets.

Ball Sit Ups

Starting Position: Sit on the ball. Walk your feet forward until your back and shoulders are resting on the ball. Be sure your knees are directly over your ankles. Your shoulders should be higher than your knees. Cross your arms across your chest. Slowly lift your shoulders and upper back off the ball causing your abs to contract. Slowly lower back down.

Do three sets of 10 - 15 sit ups.

To make this exercise more challenging let your fingers lightly rest on the side of your head instead of across your chest. You can also move your knees together.

To make it even more effective add a twist, twisting your right shoulder toward your left knee. Make sure the twist comes from your waste and not from your shoulders or elbows. Rotate back to the forward position. Alternate sides. Do three sets of 10 - 15 sit ups.


You can also lay on the floor, place your feet on the wall or on a balance ball. Then lift your head and shoulders off the floor, curling your body.

Do three sets of 10-15.

Please forgive me for how sore you will be. Then keep going and check out even more exercises on the next page.

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