Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic techniques are part of the healing arts.

A few of the more common techniques include Diversified, Palmer, Thompson, Activator, and Gonstead to name a few. Their objectives are the same even though their approaches are different.

What Will They Do?

All of the different techniques endeavor to restore and maintain the highest levels of biomechanical and neurophysiologic activities and health without the introduction of unnatural substances into the body.

By so doing, all of the body systems will be kept at their optimal levels of integrity so that they can perform their many other functions correctly.

What Happens?

If abnormal structural relationships exist due to injury, everyday activities with their stresses, or from any other causes, the chiropractor will seek to locate the faulty relationship including subluxations of the spine and, if possible, correct them. Some chiropractors have also become proficient in working with other joints and tissues of the body.

The chiropractor will also identify the associated muscle, tendon, ligament and/or other tissues that are involved and work with them as well.

How Does the Chiropractor Do This?

This is done by:

  • digital palpation (done with the fingers)
  • x-ray
  • muscle testing
  • orthopedic testing
  • and/or other types of instrumentation.

Following diagnostic procedures, a treatment plan is created which includes spinal manipulation along with possible tissue work. Chiropractic techniques may also include possible therapies such as electro-therapy, ultrasound, heat, ice, herbal remedies, other therapies or other nutritional support.

This type of treatment is necessary because restoring the structures of the body to their optimal state is important for them to funtion properly.

How Does It Work?

To illustrate this, the brain communicates with every organ, tissue, and structure in the body via the nerves. Therefore, it is important to keep these communication channels clear and unobstructed.

The spinal cord, protected by the spine, connects the brain to all the nerves that exit the spine and which go to all the body tissues. This serves as a message highway going both ways and it allows the functions of the body to perform what they are intended to do if all is working correctly.

If the flow of nerve impulses is impared in any way, including:

  • mechanical
  • chemical
  • injury
  • emotional, etc.

the optimal function becomes less than satisfactory.

This loss of function and it's effects can be experienced:

  • locally (at the site of the problem), with pain and loss of motion
  • distally (somewhere else in the body) to which those nerves go.

It is not uncommon for patients, following spinal manipulation, to say that the involved and associated areas actually feel better, as well as does the distal areas to which those nerves go, such as the digestive tract.

Over the years, several approaches to correcting the involved areas have been developed from force techniques to non-force techniques. It is possible to find any of these along with several non mainstream chiropractic techniques.

As with all professions, both good and less proficient doctors are out there and different skill levels do exist. Ask around and seek one that you can feel comfortable with and who can meet your needs.

Good luck and may you find a chiropractor who can deliver the highest quality of service to you. The right one can make a big difference in your life.

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