About Us

Hello and Welcome to Nama's Natural Remedies for Health. Here you will learn a little about us, but most importantly find information, tips, and ideas to help you shorten your learning curve and get you feeling great fast!

It's all about natural health! My name is Nancy Cook. I'm Nama. My husband, Merrill and I are the folks behind this website on natural health.

Natural Health has been a major source of enjoyment for us since we were first married back in 1971. We have incorporated it into our home and daily life and have tried to encourage our children to do the same.

In spite of our best efforts we still have a few health problems in our families that are on-going challenges, and we are doing our best to overcome them.

Needless to say, one of the great things about us is that we feel a great bond to natural remedies of all sorts, including sports and exercise, eating well, learning herbs and their amazing healing properties, and of course, relaxing and enjoying life.

Merrill is a chiropractor. He has written many of the pages that are in this website.

Herbalism has been Steve's hobby for 20 years.

Matt is a personal trainer and trains all of the personal trainers in a group of gyms.

Jenny is becoming a nutritionist.

Mike and Rusty are outdoor and exercise enthusiasts from the word go.

And me? I grew up on an indian reservation and my best friend was the daughter of a tribal medicine man. That is where my already budding interest in natural things intensified.

I am a certified herbalist but my approach to natural health is certainly not limited to herbs. I have had much success with exercise as an answer to most problems as well as breathing and relaxation. And of course, I can't forget nutrition and a positive mental attitude. I guess the list can go on and on. But enough about us.

"The Goal of Nama's Natural Remedies for Health"

This website is a culmination of what we have learned over the years, and what we are still learning today. It is our desire that you will benefit from the information we are able to share!

Although still in it's infancy, Namas Natural Remedies goal is to create an interactive community of natural health lovers helping each other grow.

"An Open Invitation to You"

We invite you to share your own personal knowledge and experiences of life successes realized through natural means with fellow natural health lovers on this website.

We hope your passion for natural remedies will continue to grow, and take you on the journey of a lifetime!

Thank you for joining us on ours!

Nancy and Merrill Cook

P.S. If you enjoy this website, please share it with others. We would really appreciate it.